UFO Challenge

Blog photo week 2 photo 3I’m sure that I am not the only quilter out there to have a desire to finish my UFOs.  That being said, the first thing I need to do is pull them all out and categorize them.

I’ve finished and purged UFOs before, passed them on to the free table at quilt guild, given them away, deconstructed them … the list goes on!  My goal would be to finish them, but I’m trying to be realistic about it.  I don’t like to admit it, but I know there are several UFOs in my quilting room that are over 25 years old.  It’s really time for them to move on.

This past week, I did pull out boxes, bins, totes, and zip bags that have unfinished quilts or projects in them. Some of them aren’t even at a stage where I would call them a potential quilt.  There’s a variety of items that I’ll need to go through, categorize, make a decision about, and either get it in line to finish, or get rid of it!

So, the plan is to look through my boxes, bins, totes, and rolling carts to see what I have.  I’ll let you all know what I have and share my list.  Each week, I will post a plan for one UFO.  Now, that doesn’t mean the UFO will be completed that week, it means that I’ll make a decision about it.  The hope is to keep me on task with UFOs AND my regular stashbusting activities! Who else out there wants to join me in this challenge?


How do you like these boxes I’m using?  They are from, Imperfect Produce.  Every other week I choose fruits and vegetables, from their online list, that would otherwise go in the landfill because they don’t meet grocery store standards.  My box of veggies arrives and then I have a handy box to store stuff in.  The boxes can be returned to Imperfect Produce, but for now, I’m using them to store fabric, projects, scraps, etc.

Now that I’ve challenged myself to list my UFOs, I’m committed to doing it!

Until next time,


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