How Many UFOs?

et’s see what I accomplished this past week. I took 9 UFOs on retreat, and really wanted to complete as many tops as possible. Of course, I did pick items from my UFO list that would not take much to complete. That’s the low hanging fruit that I’ve mentioned before.February week 1 photo 1

I completed 4 falling charms quilt tops, which I posted on Instagram. One was small and just needed a top and bottom border added. That went very quickly. Another falling charms was much larger and the 2-1/2” background strips had only been sewn to one side. I had to cut all of those apart, press, and sew the second background strip. After cutting those apart, and pressing, it went together fairly quickly after I laid it out. It sure turned out pretty. I think I have a piece of yardage that I can use for the back!  The final 2 were patriotic and I had started them as a larger quilt, in the past, but decided to split the blocks into 2 quilts.  I had to cut more 5″ squares from my stash to make this happen.

I’d like to focus on one UFO in particular, “Oh My Stars” a pattern I found free on Pat Sloan’s website. I had a partial charm pack, given to me by my daughter. I found fabric in my stash, that I cut into 5” squares, and filled in to make it the size in the pattern. I also had some off-white that I could use for the stars.  With the fabric I brought from home, I was even able to make the binding, and a pieced backing.

February week 1 photo 2I added a row of squares around the outside to make it even bigger!  I came home with very little left of what I brought with me to finish this quilt.  I’ll cut them into strips and squares for later use! 

February week 1 photo 3

My batik drawer and scrap bin? I think I’ll work on that this week!

Until next time














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