The Drawers

It’s time, I’ve talked about it since the beginning of the year and I need to get on it. On Saturday, I pulled all of the fabric out of my batik drawer. Many of these fabrics were larger than a fat quarter, but I discovered there were also many scraps. So, I pulled out my batik scrap bin too. It also contained scraps and pieces larger than a fat quarter. What a mess!

My batik scrap bin was equally messy, so what was my plan of action? Everything that was a fat quarter, or larger, was neatly folded and put back into the drawer. Among the scraps, I sorted out the strings and scraps that were large enough to at least cut a 10″ square. I’ve made my own layer cakes before, how about you? It can be a useful size to save for future projects. Strings went into their own bin. For me, a string is a strip anywhere between 1-1/2″ and 3″ an no shorter than about 6″. We’ll talk about string quilts in a future post.

Now that my larger pieces are neat and tidy in the drawer, I’ll be working on the smaller pieces that are less than 10″ or so. I’ve also included long strips that are too wide for my string bin, these are usually the trimmings from a back after a quilt comes off of the longarm. There can be a quite a bit of usable fabric there.

Another way I sorted was to keep aside items that could make their way into a scrap vortex, kitchen sink or … scrap vomit quilts! I know, sounds terrible, but once you see one made up, it makes perfect sense! Search on Pinterest for some visually interesting quilt ideas.

So, here are my before and after photos of the batik drawer. Yes, I still have scraps stored in a bin, but I plan to work through that. Perhaps I’ll cut them up into certain sizes, give them away, or package them up to be sold at an upcoming stash sale at my quilt guild!

A sneak peek of what I’m going to talk about next? I finished entering my UFOs into a spreadsheet. Since I was on retreat a few weeks ago, I was able to line out several of them. Still organizing it though, I’d like to group them in order of how I may work on them. More to follow on that!

Until next time


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